Emergencies preparedness
Emergencies preparedness

Emergencies preparedness
- Disasters do not warn anyone. They always arrive at your doorstep when they are least expected. Hence, to mitigate the consequences of natural calamities and other such catastrophe, it is absolutely mandatory to have an emergency preparedness kit right at home, school, in your car and in your office area as well. It would be wise to buy such supplies to cater for every individual in the premises.

Preparing someone mentally and supply wise for the yet to happen disaster, is the first hurdle. We generally don't care to spend our money and time to prepare for unforeseen circumstances. However, when such an emergency preparedness kit saves one's life, we understand its value. Buy a kit that holds items for multiple calamities such as earthquakes, floods, cyclones, hurricanes and even war. This way you can make sure your investment works for you at the time of need.

There are various suppliers who have designed separate kits according to the calamity and place that needs to be mitigated. You can find emergency preparedness kits for schools, offices, homes, outdoor emergencies, individual 72 hour kits, etc. A typical emergency kit should have the following things:

1. Water pouches and water purification tablets
2. Solar blankets and rain poncho
3. Light stick and Flash light with extra set of batteries
4. Food bars
5. Ropes, gloves and knife
6. First aid kit - cotton, gauze, antiseptics, scissors, forceps, wrap bandages, etc.
7. Battery operated radio
8. Universal cell phone charger

Emergency supplies in a kit vary according to the need and purpose of the kit. Every kit contains a manual with instructions on using the supplies. These guides also have tips and advices on coping with the first few hours of a catastrophe.

Advantages of having an emergency preparedness kit around are plenty. You will be less panicky and the kit will help you avert the worst. You can stay alive and composed until help arrives. Such kits can be lifesavers. Hence, buy one today and stock them up for emergencies.


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